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Here at ARI Design UK we can cater for all of your Glazed Structural needs.
Dependant on the client requirements we can deliver a cost effective package to provide planning and building regulation drawings,full schedule of works, estimation of works, through to design and build appointing contractors and those on our contractors list including the entire project being managed by the company from conception to completion.

Which includes the following:-

  • We will produce Planning and building regulations drawings to the design agreed dependant on Local authority approval and the clients consent, and act as an agent as instructed by you (the client) to see the project through to acheiving the relevant permission and documents required as standard.
  • Full estimation of works for the project to be built for other contractors to build if included in the contract which you (the client) agreed for upon the point of sale
  • As standard if requested in writing to our head office aquire 3 quotes from contractors for the project to be built and help to choose the right contractor including supplying brochures from the tendering conytractors if available
  • Appoint a contractor on your behalf and produce the building contract for you (the client) and the building contractor to follow as per the drawings we have produced for you.
  • Liase with the Local Authority to ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible and within the current legislation as standard to obtain the required permission as standard or The Approved Inspector dependant on the type of work being undertaken.

    We work with all the necessary professionals in order to give the required documentation required.

    Should there be a service that is of interest to you which is'nt listed on our website then please call our head office on 01455 886 683 or alternatively contact the managing director via email on

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    Thank you for visiting our website and we hope to see you soon.